by Lost Apparitions

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released March 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Lost Apparitions Dubuque, Iowa

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Track Name: If We Don't Make It Off This Island Alive, Who Will Be Eaten First?
there was a string of us
heads held high
there was no place we could go wrong
well wrong is where we walked
we stared straight into its eyes

igniting a fire seeming so beautiful
one flame falls on a flower
it'll spread like wildfire

ash and smoke will dissipate
distributing through the air
the poison filled our lungs
there's no stopping it then
there's no stopping it now
Track Name: I Am Become Death, Destroyer Of Worlds
this mutiny
found beneath your body
to say the least will tear worlds apart

beneath the torched scorched sky
the ash falls like dreams of adversity
we know the sound detunes to the
it sounds of us
detunes to the
fluttering of wings

dear wake from this slumber
find these welcoming arms
never ever return to that land you confound in
Track Name: Knowledge and Progress
would you take the dive without influence
could you stray from everything that you knew
knowing only what you dream of
leaving behind that place
where you were raised

sit me down before your god
I'm curious what he has to say about me

abandon all dependency
the skyscrapers will be covered in vines
I dont know where this path will take me
but I hope it is far from here
it seems that all will cease to be

nothing is sacred anymore
so lets move mountains
turn the truth towards the candlelight

ceiling stores closet knowledge
because they know
we will never look there
torch the artifacts
they hold our secrets
Track Name: Harry Slaughter
As night falls
I think back to a life
once worth living for
it has burned itself to the ground
but I guess it was worth the ride

lets stay up and watch these glowing coals
until they burn themselves out
let this endless night
and the sound of insects be our company
Track Name: Messages
i found a message inscribed in a wall
it said the time will come
the heavens will pass away
with a great noise
consuming everything

we stumble through life
wading in these lakes of lust
loathing like mosquitoes
searching for a heaven on earth

keep your eyes close behind that boy
he sold his soul
for everything he ever wanted
Track Name: Where All Life Ends
Ive been biting the sun
lying rotting on the hill
while i lie inside
this desert where we stand
was once a life giving sea
what evil dwells here?
it dries the flesh from my bones

empyrean heights initiate the fall
we wait for the last grain to hit bottom

infidels swarm, drowning shorelines from memory

the stain glass facade draws ending tides near
do you feel the ground beneath your feet?
when we shut off time will draw the lines beneath your eyes
and count all your climbs and all your falls
an inserted needle in an empty hall
imagine all that human eyes have seen
reversing sunsets swirling endless seas

trembling hands set tangled webs
thousands of ants feed on the sap of ancient lament
trembling hands set tangled webs

i know there are heavens
but only in my dreams
the bodies of light are in the wheat fields calling
these ideas all turn on themselves
there is no rest until every eye has closed